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My Plan to Solve the NBA Lockout — BRI edition

Before we get into the specifics of my plan, let’s get up to date on the current state of the lockout. I wrote a two-part CBA primer in June that provides a great background on the main bargaining topics (just click Part One & Part Two).

Back in June the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) and owners had a series of meetings to hopefully prevent the lockout before the July 1st deadline. Obviously those meeting were unproductive because we are now seven weeks into the lockout. Before the lockout began, the NBPA filed an action with the National Labor Relations Board against the NBA owners alleging the owners were failing to bargain in good faith. On August 1st, the NBPA and the owners met for a bargaining session that also did not bear fruit. Subsequently, the owners filed a declaratory action in New York district court asking the court to rule that the lockout is legal and any attempt by the players to decertify their union would void all player contracts. There are now reports that the players and owners are not planning to meet until early September.

Ok, that’s a lot of legalese. Basically, all that boils down to this: We are nowhere near a deal. I could write a whole post pinning blame on specific people, but I will save that for another day. Although the issues in this labor dispute are fairly complicated and contentious, I have devised a comprehensive plan that I believe is fair for both sides and relatively simple. The overall plan may be simple, but explaining the details in a blog post tends to become lengthy. Therefore, I am breaking it up into several parts. This post deals exclusively with the split of the Basketball Related Income (BRI). Continue reading