Possible Work for NBA Players in Event of Lockout

Now that the NBA Draft is over and the lockout appears to be an almost certainty, the NBA will be fading off into no-mans land. There will be no free agency signings, no trades, and no schedule release because a Collective Bargaining Agreement is needed to facilitate those events.

As with the NFL lockout, any news being reported relevant to the sport of basketball will be in the form of legal maneuvering and tactics. I think I speak for all the fans when I say that the players and owners need to get a deal done. The fans are the ones who will truly suffer the most from a work stoppage.

However, if there is a lockout, maybe we will get to see another commercial like this:

Via Gabe Feldman’s twitter account, the Director of Tulane Sports Law Program who is an excellent person to follow.


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