Mark Cuban Uses Victory Celebration Photo in Summary Judgment Brief

(An actual page from the motion for summary judgment)

Mark Cuban is very proud of the fact that the Dallas Mavericks are World Champions.  He has run up a bar tab of several hundred thousand dollars. He picked up the bill for the victory parade. Now, he is even using it as a legal defense in court.

Courtesy of, Ross Perot Jr., the son of the former presidential candidate and a five percent owner of the Mavericks, is suing Mark Cuban. Perot’s partnership (Hillwood Center Partnership) used to own the majority of the Mavericks but sold to Cuban 11 years ago. Perot claims that Cuban has made a “litany of questionable, business, financial, and personal decisions.” Further, he claims that Cuban’s “careless and reckless” decision-making has caused the Mavericks to become “insolvent and/or in imminent danger of becoming insolvent.” Perot essentially wants the court to kick Cuban out of control of the franchise.

In response to these allegations, Tom Melsheimer, Cuban’s attorney, submitted into evidence the document you see above as proof that Cuban is anything but a bad owner.

My favorite part in the entire brief is on the final page (shown below) where Cuban’s attorney is asking the court for a ruling in their favor. They additionally ask for further relief to which they are entitled; however, it contains the following parenthetical:


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